• Regular attenders of Southside Community Fellowship who are engaged in on-going training as a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ will be given first consideration.

• All requests for assistance must be submitted in writing using the official application form. The form must be completed in full or the request will not be considered.

• All requests for assistance must be unanimously approved by the leadership team of Southside Community Fellowship.

• Assistance will only be paid to the vendor or service provider, not the applicant or any relative of the applicant.

• Original invoices and receipts will be required and will be retained as part of the records of Southside Community Fellowship.

• Assistance will never be given in the form of cash, vouchers, debit cards, or money orders.

• Applicants must submit to spiritual and financial counseling prior to receiving assistance.

• Applicant may be required to serve as a volunteer as deemed appropriate.

• Forms of assistance that are not available:

  • Professional fees (doctors, lawyers, etc.), services, and supplies
  • Hospital or medical services
  • Prescriptions or over-the-counter medications
  • Temporary housing (motel, camping, etc.)
  • Transportation expenses (fuel, taxi, bus, etc.)
  • Loans of any amount for any purpose or any reason

• Requests for immediate or emergency assistance that do not allow time for the completion of the application form and the consideration and approval of the leadership team will not be considered.

• Even when monetary assistance is not possible, personal, family, marital, and financial counseling are still available at no charge. However, there may be a cost associated with curriculum, supplies, and fees charged by others.

• Connections Community Center is a ministry of Southside Community Fellowship and as such is not able to provide financial assistance of any kind.

Downloadable form

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